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function Delete(const Index: Integer): Integer; overload;
function Delete(const Name: DOMString): Integer; overload;
function Delete(const Name, NamespaceURI: DOMString): Integer; overload;


virtual int __fastcall Delete(const int Index) = 0 /* overload */;
virtual int __fastcall Delete(const System::UnicodeString Name) = 0 /* overload */;
virtual int __fastcall Delete(const System::UnicodeString Name, const System::UnicodeString NamespaceURI) = 0 /* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Xml.XMLIntf IXMLNodeList


Removes a specified node from the list.

Delete removes the node specified by the Index or Name parameter.

Name identifies the node to remove from the list. This is the local name of the node to remove.

NamespaceURI identifies the namespace to use when interpreting Name (if necessary).

Index identifies the node to remove by index rather than name. Index ranges from 0 to one less than the value of the Count property.

Delete returns the index of the node that was removed. If there was no node that matched the value of Index or Name, Delete returns –1.

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