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function SameNamespace(const Node: IDOMNode; const namespaceURI: DOMString): Boolean;
function SameNamespace(const URI1, URI2: DOMString): Boolean; overload;


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE bool __fastcall SameNamespace(const _di_IDOMNode Node, const System::UnicodeString namespaceURI)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Xml.xmldom Xml.xmldom


Indicates whether a specified node is defined within a specified namespace.

Call SameNamespace to determine whether the two parameters identify the same namespace.

Using the first syntax, the Node parameter identifies a node and the namespaceURI parameter a namespace. SameNamespace checks whether the node is defined in the specified namespace.

Using the second syntax, both parameters are namespace URI values. SameNamespace checks whether they both identify the same namespace.

Tip: Given an IXMLNode interface, you can obtain the IDOMNode interface required for the Node parameter by reading its DOMNode property.

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