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TInvokableClassRegistry = class


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TInvokableClassRegistry : public System::TObject


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Soap.InvokeRegistry Soap.InvokeRegistry


TInvokableClassRegistry is the type of the invocation registry.

TInvokableClassRegistry manages information about invokable interfaces and the classes that implement them. Invokable interfaces are used in applications that work with Web Services.

Server applications that implement Web Services need to register both the invokable interfaces and the implementation classes. The invoker component (such as THTTPSoapPascalInvoker or THTTPSoapCppInvoker) can then use the invocation registry to locate invokable interfaces and execute calls made to them. In addition, server applications should register the headers that are used with calls to the methods of the invokable interface and the exceptions that such calls can raise.

Client applications that call on Web Services register the invokable interfaces that they call. The remote interfaced object component (THTTPRio) can then use the invocation registry to generate a dynamic vtable for calling the invokable interfaces.

Do not create instances of TInvokableClassRegistry. Instead, use the global InvRegistry function to access the invocation registry. Most applications need only call the RegisterInterface and (if a server) the RegisterInvokableClass methods. The other TInvokableClassRegistry methods are used by invoker components, remote interfaced object components, and the WSDL document importer. They allow these components to look up information about invokable interfaces and their implementation classes, access invokable interfaces, and so on.

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