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Package vcl290.bpl


IDesignerHookIDesignerHook is an interface that allows component writers to interact with the form designer in the IDE.
IOleFormIOleForm is designed to communicate with OLE containers. To embed a VCL form in an OLE container, CodeGear recommends using ActiveForms and TOleControl instead of IOleForm.
TApplicationTApplication is the type used for a GUI windowed application.
TControlScrollBarTControlScrollBar displays a horizontal or vertical scroll bar.
TCustomActiveFormTCustomActiveForm is the base class for Active Forms.
TCustomDockFormTCustomDockForm is the default floating dock site class for TControl objects.
TCustomFormTCustomForm is the base class from which to derive a window such as a form or dialog.
TCustomFormClassTCustomFormClass defines the metaclass for TCustomForm.
TCustomFrameTCustomFrame is the base class from which TFrame descends.
TCustomFrameClassTCustomFrameClass defines the metaclass for TCustomFrame.
TFormTForm represents a standard application window (form).
TFormClassTFormClass defines the metaclass for TForm.
TFrameTFrame is a container for components; it can be nested within forms or other frames.
TGlassFrameTGlassFrame controls Windows Vista or Windows 7 Aero glass effects.
TMonitorTMonitor represents a monitor on which an application runs.
TScreenTScreen represents the state of the screen in which an application runs.
TScrollBoxTScrollBox represents a scrolling area (a scroll box) in a window.
TScrollingWinControlTScrollingWinControl is the base class for controls that support scrolling.
TTitleBarIt encapsulates the properties and methods used to draw a custom title bar.


DisableTaskWindowsProcesses the WM_ENABLE message on disabled windows.
DoneCtl3D (deprecated)Finalizes CTL3D support for Windows NT 3.51. This method is deprecated.
EnableTaskWindowsProcesses the WM_ENABLE message on disabled windows.
ForegroundTaskIndicates whether the current thread is running in the foreground.
GetParentFormReturns the form or property page that contains a specified control.
InitCtl3D (deprecated)Initializes CTL3D support for Windows NT 3.51. This method is deprecated.
IsAccelIndicates whether a particular character is an accelerator character (or hot key) within a given menu caption or other text string.
KeyboardStateToShiftStateConvert array of virtual keys to TShiftState.
KeyDataToShiftStateConvert keyboard message data to TShiftState.
KeysToShiftStateConvert mouse event parameter to TShiftState.
RestoreFocusStateRestores the window's focus state.
SaveFocusStateSaves the window's focus state.
SetAutoSubClass (deprecated)This method is deprecated.
Subclass3DDlg (deprecated)This method is deprecated.
Subclass3DWnd (deprecated)This method is deprecated.
ValidParentFormReturns the form or property page that contains a specified control.


PCursorRecPointer to TCursorRec.
PHintInfoPHintInfo declares a pointer to a Help Window appearance record.
TActiveFormBorderStyleSpecifies the style of an active form's border.
TBorderIconTBorderIcon specifies the buttons that appear on the title bar of a form window.
TBorderIconsTBorderIcons specifies the buttons that appear on the title bar of a form window.
TBorderStyleTBorderStyle is the type of the BorderStyle property for framed controls.
TCloseActionTCloseAction describes how a form should respond when it is closed.
TCloseEventTCloseEvent is the type of a form's OnClose event handle.
TCloseQueryEventTCloseQueryEvent is used for event handlers that are called when a window is about to close.
TCMHintShowPauseRecord that specifies the duration that a hint is displayed.
TCursorRecRecord that holds information about a cursor in a list.
TCursorRecTypeAlias for PCursorRec.
TDefaultMonitorSpecifies the monitor on which the form appears.
TExceptionEventTExceptionEvent is the type of event handlers that respond when the application traps an unhandled exception.
TFocusStateReference to Integer or Pointer.
TFormBorderStyleTFormBorderStyle is the type of the BorderStyle property for windows-only forms and TBorderStyle is the type of the BorderStyle property for other controls in windows-only applications.
TFormStateTFormState describes the possible state of a form.
TFormStyleTFormStyle describes form style.
TGetHandleEventTGetHandleEvent is the type of an OnGetActiveFormHandle event handler.
THelpEventTHelpEvent is the type of an OnHelp event handler.
THelpEventDataInternally used by THelpEvent.
THintInfoVcl.Forms.THintInfo is used to define the appearance and behavior of the Help window.
TIdleEventTIdleEvent is the type of event handler that perform actions when the application is idle.
TMessageEventTMessageEvent is the type of an OnMessage event handler.
TMonitorDefaultToTMonitorDefaultTo specifies which monitor to select when there is no match to the specified criteria.
TPopupFormStores information for a pop-up.
TPopupFormArrayAn array of pop-up forms.
TPopupModeTPopupMode enumerates the possible values of a Form's PopupMode property.
TPopupWndRecord that describes a pop-up window.
TPopupWndArrayAn array of pop-up windows.
TPositionTPosition describes the positioning of a form.
TPrintScaleRepresents the proportions of a printed form.
TRoundedCornerTypeTRoundedCornerType is used by the form RoundedCorners property and DefaultRoundedCorners class property.
TScrollBarIncTScrollBarInc represents a number of logical units on a TControlScrollBar.
TScrollBarKindTScrollBarKind indicates the orientation of a scrollbar.
TScrollBarStyleTScrollBarStyle specifies a scroll bar style.
TSetLayeredWindowAttributesFunction used to set the layered window's attributes.
TSettingChangeEventTSettingChangeEvent is the type of an OnSettingChange event handler.
TShortCutEventTShortCutEvent is the type of an OnShortCut event handler.
TShowActionEnumeration of form show actions.
TShowHintEventTShowHintEvent is the type of the OnShowHint event handler.
TTaskWindowListInternally used for EnableTaskWindows and DisableTaskWindows.
TTileModeRepresents how MDI child forms are arranged when the Tile method is called.
TTimerModeEnumeration of hint timer modes.
TWindowHookTWindowHook is the type for a dialog procedure.
TWindowStateTWindowState indicates whether a form is maximized, minimized, or normally sized.


ApplicationRepresents application-level information.
Ctl3DBtnWndProcInternally used for former CTL3D support in Windows NT 3.51.
Ctl3DCtlColorExHandles the WM_CTLCOLOR message for applications that use CTL3D.
Ctl3DDlgFramePaintFunction used to paint the CTL3D dialog frames.
HintWindowClassSpecifies the class for the window used to display Help Hints.
ScreenRepresents a screen device.
SetLayeredWindowAttributesVariable of type TSetLayeredWindowAttributes.