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property Exclusive: Boolean read FExclusive write SetExclusive default False;


__property bool Exclusive = {read=FExclusive, write=SetExclusive, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Bde.DBTables TTable


Enables an application to gain sole access to a Paradox or dBASE table.

Use Exclusive to prevent other applications from accessing a Paradox or dBASE table while it is open in this application. Before opening the table, set Exclusive to True. A table must be closed before changing the Exclusive property.

When Exclusive is True, then when the application successfully opens the table, no other application can access it. If the table for which the application has requested exclusive access is already in use by another application, an exception is raised. To handle such exceptions, wrap the code that opens the table in a try..catchexcept block.

Do not set Exclusive to True at design time if you also set the Active property to True at design time. In this case, an exception is raised because the table is already in use by the IDE.

Note: An application can attempt to set Exclusive to True for SQL tables, but some SQL servers do not support exclusive table locking. Others may grant an exclusive read/write lock, but still permit read-only access to other applications. For more information about exclusive locking of database tables for a specific server, see the server's documentation.

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