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property LocaleCode: TLocaleCode read GetLocaleCode write SetLocaleCode default 0;


__property int LocaleCode = {read=GetLocaleCode, write=SetLocaleCode, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.SqlExpr TSQLConnection


Identifies the locale that is used for sorting items from datasets that use this connection.

LocaleCode represents the locale that client datasets use to sort strings when they are provided in fields from a dataset associated with this connection. By default, this value is 0, which signals that strings should be sorted without regard to a locale. Changing LocaleCode can affect performance, because sorting is slower when it must take locale into account. Therefore, it is recommended that you only change LocaleCode if the data is known to contain extended characters that will affect the sort order.

Note: Locale codes are treated as connection parameters: they are stored in the dbxconnections.ini file along with the other parameters, and appear in the Params property list. Changes to this property change the entry in the Params property list.

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