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property PacketRecords: Integer read FPacketRecords write FPacketRecords default -1;


__property int PacketRecords = {read=FPacketRecords, write=FPacketRecords, default=-1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Datasnap.DBClient TCustomClientDataSet


Indicates the number or type of records in a single data packet.

Use PacketRecords to specify how many records should be contained in a single packet fetched from a provider, or to indicate that the packet returned should contain only metadata.

When a client dataset is instantiated, PacketRecords is automatically set to -1, meaning that a single packet should contain all records in the dataset.

If PacketRecords is greater than zero, then it specifies the number of records to return in a packet.

To retrieve the metadata for a dataset, set PacketRecords to 0. When PacketRecords is zero, the provider returns only information from its dataset that defines the database's structure, such as table, column, constraint, and domain definitions.

Warning: When PacketRecords is greater than 0, the client dataset must fetch its data incrementally. If the provider is on a stateless application server, the client dataset must inform the provider where to start fetching data. This communication can occur using a BeforeGetRecords event handler.

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