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TMetropolisUIListBoxItem = class(TListBoxItem)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TMetropolisUIListBoxItem : public TListBoxItem


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.ListBox FMX.ListBox


TMetropolisUIListBoxItem is a helper control for Windows 8 style applications, and is comprised of three text labels and an image icon.

The items in Windows 8 list boxes and combo boxes are of type TMetropolisUIListBoxItem. Windows 8 style controls such as TMetropolisUIListBoxItem are typically designed for a touch screen.

To add an item to a list box or combo box, double-click the component or right-click the component and choose Add Item.

TMetropolisUIListBoxItem adapts its layout to the dimensions specified either by its parent TListBox or by its Width and Height properties. To change the size of the TListBox that contains a TMetropolisUIListBoxItem, you need to set the Width and Height properties of the TListBox, either in code or in the Object Inspector; any resizing in the Form Designer is reverted.

  • When TMetropolisUIListBoxItem is a square, the image occupies all of the area, and the text labels are overlaid upon it.
  • When TMetropolisUIListBoxItem is wide, as in SplitPaneView, the icon is on the left, and labels appear next to the icon.

Use TMetropolisUIListBoxItem for a control such as a touch target, especially one for which you want to add graphics, and for controls whose dimensions are touch-size, following the Windows 8 guidelines.

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