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property SelStart: Integer read GetSelStart write SetSelStart;


__property int SelStart = {read=GetSelStart, write=SetSelStart, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.Memo TCustomMemo


Specifies the zero-based number of the first character selected in the memo's text.

Read SelStart to determine the number of the first selected character, where 0 indicates the first character. If there is no selected text, then SelStart returns the cursor position. Keep in mind that the SelStart character count includes end-of-line characters at the end of each line.

To select a particular range of the text, first set SelStart to position the cursor, and then set SelLength to extend the selection. The memo component must have focus (call SetFocus) before you attempt to use SelStart; otherwise the selection is invisible.

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