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procedure LoadFromStream(Stream: TStream); overload;
procedure LoadFromStream(Stream: TStream; Encoding: TEncoding); overload;


void __fastcall LoadFromStream(System::Classes::TStream* Stream)/* overload */;
void __fastcall LoadFromStream(System::Classes::TStream* Stream, System::Sysutils::TEncoding* Encoding)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
Vcl.Outline TCustomOutline


Loads the outline from a text image read from a stream.

Call LoadFromStream to fill an outline from the stream specified by the Stream parameter. For example, use LoadFromStream to load an outline from an image stored in a database table, using a TBlobStream object. Each node in the outline is separated by a newline character. The stream does not provide the root node.

Leading tabs and spaces are converted into levels of the outline. Text without any leading tabs or spaces becomes level 1 items. For example, the following set of strings represents an outline with three first level children descended from the root, and an additional, second level child on the first and third nodes:

ChildA ChildA1 ChildB ChildC ChildC1

To fill the outline from a text image read from a file, use the LoadFromFile method. To fill the outline from a text image represented as a TStrings object, use the Lines property.

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