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TCommonDialogAction = class(TCustomAction)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TCommonDialogAction : public Vcl::Actnlist::TCustomAction


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Vcl.StdActns Vcl.StdActns


TCommonDialogAction is the base class for action objects that display a dialog.

TCommonDialogAction implements the common behavior for actions that display a dialog when executed. Each descendant class represents a specific dialog. Do not use TCommonDialogAction directly in an application. Instead, use the specific TCommonDialogAction descendant that represents the type of dialog you want to execute. The various TCommonDialogAction descendants are listed in the See also list.

TCommonDialogAction objects do not require a specific type of control to be active: they handle any target. When executed, the dialog action displays its dialog, and then generates an OnAccept or OnCancel event, which you can use to process the results from the dialog.

When using TCommonDialogAction desendants, there is no need to place the dialog component in your form or data module. The action object creates its own dialog component.

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