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typedef void __fastcall (__closure *THTTPMethodEvent)(System::TObject* Sender, TWebRequest* Request, TWebResponse* Response, bool &Handled);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
typedef public Web.HTTPApp.hpp Web.HTTPApp Web.HTTPApp


THTTPMethodEvent is the type of event handlers that are called while processing an HTTP request message.

THTTPMethodEvent is the type for event handlers that allow components in Web server applications to respond to HTTP request messages.

Sender is the dispatcher that receives the message or the component to which the dispatcher forwards the request message.

Request is the Request object that describes the headers and content of the incoming request message.

Response is the emerging response to the message described by Request. The event handler can fill out the properties of this response and even send it back to the originator of the request.

Handled indicates whether the response object specified by Response is completed. If the event handler does not complete the response, it must set Handled to false, so that the message is sent on to another component for further processing (or, in some cases, so that the component continues processing the message). If the event handler completes the response message, even if it does not send the message, it should set Handled to true.

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