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property CachedUpdates: Boolean read FCachedUpdates write SetCachedUpdates;


__property CachedUpdates;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
IBX.IBCustomDataSet TIBDataSet


Specifies whether cached updates are enabled for a dataset.

IBX.IBCustomDataSet.TIBDataSet.CachedUpdates inherits from IBX.IBCustomDataSet.TIBCustomDataSet.CachedUpdates. All content below this line refers to IBX.IBCustomDataSet.TIBCustomDataSet.CachedUpdates.

Specifies whether cached updates are enabled for a dataset.

CachedUpdates enables or disables the use of cached updates for a dataset. If CachedUpdates is true, cached updates are enabled. If CachedUpdates is false, cached updates are disabled.

When cached updates are enabled, updates to a dataset (such as posting changes, inserting new records, or deleting records), are stored in an internal cache on the client machine instead of being written directly to the dataset's underlying database tables. When changes are complete, an application writes all cached changes to the database in the context of a single transaction.

Note: Note: Instead of using cached updates, applications can obtain the same benefits with greater control by using a client dataset.