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constructor Create(ComServer: TComServerObject; AutoClass: TAutoClass;  const ClassID: TGUID; Instancing: TClassInstancing; ThreadingModel: TThreadingModel = tmSingle);


__fastcall TAutoObjectFactory(TComServerObject* ComServer, TAutoClass AutoClass, const GUID &ClassID, TClassInstancing Instancing, TThreadingModel ThreadingModel);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
constructor public
System.Win.ComObj TAutoObjectFactory


Instantiates a TTypedComObjectFactory object.

System.Win.ComObj.TAutoObjectFactory.Create inherits from System.Win.ComObj.TTypedComObjectFactory.Create. All content below this line refers to System.Win.ComObj.TTypedComObjectFactory.Create.

Instantiates a TTypedComObjectFactory object.

Create is used to instantiate a TTypedComObjectFactory. Create is automatically called when the COM server that contains the class definition for a TTypedComObject is loaded. Class factories should be instantiated in the initialization section of the unit that includes their associated server.

Create allocates memory for a TTypedComObjectFactory, and verifies that a type library exists and is available, before calling the inherited Create. If the type library is not available, an EOleSysError exception is raised.

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