Data.Cloud.AzureAPI.TAzureService Fields

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FAuthenticatorprotectedSpecifies the authenticator to use when building the authorization header value.
FConnectionInfoprotectedRepresents the account connection information to use when connecting and authenticating.
FQueryParamKeyValueSeparatorprotectedRepresents the character to use to separate query parameter keys from their values.
FQueryParamSeparatorprotectedRepresents the character used to separate query parameters from each other.
FQueryStartCharprotectedRepresents the character used to start the query string when building the StringToSign.
FRequiredHeaderNamesprotectedThe list of required header names.
FTimeoutprotectedProtected field that holds the value of the Timeout property.
FUseCanonicalizedHeadersprotectedSpecifies whether to add headers to the StringToSign when building it.
FUseCanonicalizedResourceprotectedSpecifies whether to add query parameters to the StringToSign when building it.
FUseResourcePathprotectedSpecifies whether to use the resource path in the StringToSign.