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property InternalCalcField: Boolean read FInternalCalcField write FInternalCalcField;


__property bool InternalCalcField = {read=FInternalCalcField, write=FInternalCalcField, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.DB TFieldDef


Determines if the field is calculated by the underlying database.

Read InternalCalcField to find out if the field represents a value provided by the underlying database but is not a field in the physical database table. Internally calculated fields are calculated by SQL servers or the Borland Database Engine in a live query view and stored in the dataset like data fields.

For example, in the following SQL statement, the dataset includes a field for the calculated value ONHAND * COST.

SELECT PartNo, Description, OnHand, Cost, (OnHand * Cost) FROM PARTS

When the TQuery object has its RequestLive property set to true, the field definition for that calculated value will have InternalCalcField set to true.

InternalCalcField is a read-only property.

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