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property TableScope: TTableScopes read FTableScope write FTableScope default [tsTable, tsView];


__property TTableScopes TableScope = {read=FTableScope, write=FTableScope, default=12};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Data.SqlExpr TSQLConnection


Indicates what types of tables are returned when fetching schema information about tables.

Set TableScope to determine the type of tables listed by the GetTableNames method or that populate an SQL dataset after calling its SetSchemaInfo method with a parameter of stTables. TableScope lets you request information about a combination of table types. By default, TableScope requests only ordinary tables and views (tsTable and tsView).

Note: TableScope only affects GetTableNames when the SystemTables parameter is false and only affects SetSchemaInfo when the SchemaType parameter is stTables. If an application calls GetTablesNames with SystemTables set to true, or calls SetSchemaInfo with SchemaType set to stSysTables, system tables, and only system tables are returned, regardless of the value of TableScope.

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