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Defines classes that implement database-independent datasets, connection brokers, remote servers for multi-tiered database applications, aggregate fields, and related functionality.

Package dsnap270.bpl


EDBClientEDBClient is the exception class for client dataset errors.
EReconcileErrorEReconcileError is the exception class for client dataset update errors.
TAggregateTAggregate represents a maintained aggregate in a client dataset.
TAggregatesTAggregates is a collection of TAggregate objects.
TClientBlobStreamTClientBlobStream lets applications read from or write to BLOB fields in a client dataset.
TClientDataSetTClientDataSet implements a database-independent dataset.
TConnectionBrokerTConnectionBroker centralizes the connection to an application server for a set of client datasets that all use the same connection.
TCustomClientDataSetTCustomClientDataSet is the base class for datasets that cache their data in memory.
TCustomRemoteServerTCustomRemoteServer is the base class for all components that connect to an application server in a multi-tiered database application.


PackageParamsConverts a TParams object into an OleVariant that can be used in multi-tiered applications.
UnpackParamsConverts an OleVariant that represents a set of parameters into a TParams object.


PKeyBufferIs a pointer to a TKeyBuffer record.
PRecInfoIs a pointer to a TRecInfo record.
TAggUpdateEventTAggUpdateEvent is the type for the OnUpdate event handler of TAggregate.
TCDSKeyBufferDatasnap.DBClient.TCDSKeyBuffer is an alias for Datasnap.DBClient.TKeyBuffer.
TCDSRecInfoDatasnap.DBClient.TCDSRecInfo is an alias for Datasnap.DBClient.TRecInfo.
TDataPacketFormatTDataPacketFormat indicates how information is encoded in a data packet or delta packet.
TDataSetOptionRepresents an enumeration of dataset options.
TDataSetOptionsIs a set of TDataSetOption enumeration items.
TFetchOptionTFetchOption and TFetchOptions indicate the type of information about a record that a client dataset can request.
TFetchOptionsIs a set of TFetchOption enumeration items.
TFieldDescListRepresents a dynamic array whose elements are field descriptors (DSFLDDesc records).
TGetUsernameEventTGetUsernameEvent is the type for event handlers that supply the user name with which to initialize a remote login dialog.
TKeyBufferRepresents a record that contains various information (such as modified state, field count or data) about the search key buffer.
TRecInfoRepresents a record that contains various information (such as record number, bookmark flag or attribute) about a database record.
TReconcileActionTReconcileAction indicates how a client dataset should handle a record whose update generated an error.
TReconcileErrorEventTReconcileErrorEvent is the type for event handlers that handle update errors for a client dataset.
TReconcileInfoRepresents a record that contains various information (such as dataset, updating kind or reference to a reconcile error exception) about a reconcile operation.
TRemoteEventTRemoteEvent is the type for event handlers that pass custom information to or from a provider.


AllParamTypesAllParamTypes: Set = [ptUnknown..ptResult];
AllRecordsAllRecords: Integer = $FFFFFFFF;