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Contains implementations of callback items and client callback channel manager. Also a helper class for the DataSnap session and some event types in order to support the implemented functionality.

Package DataSnapCommon270.bpl


TDSCallbackItemImplements a callback and string list pairing, where Callback is one of the channel callbacks of the client, and Channels is a list of names of channels, aside from the channel of the callback channel manager, where the callback listens.
TDSClientCallbackChannelManagerClient callback manager that handles the client callbacks that are registered with a specific DataSnap server instance.
TDSServiceExceptionClass to represent DataSnap service exceptions within the Datasnap.DSCommon unit.
TDSSessionHelperIs a class that contains one static method that generates a random session identifier.


TDSCallbackChannelEventEvent for notifying channel callbacks.
TDSCallbackTunnelEventTypeUser event type for notification of callback tunnel events, such as create and close.
TDSChannelThreadStateIs an enumeration of DataSnap tunnel states.
TDSClientChannelEventItemEvent item passed in through the TDSClientChannelManagerEvent to provide tunnel event information.
TDSClientChannelManagerEventUser event for the notification of channel events, such as create and close.