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function SendMessage(const Id: string; const Msg: TJSONValue; out RespMsg: TJSONValue;  const Timeout: Cardinal = 0; const ArgType: Integer = TDBXCallback.ArgJson): Boolean;


bool __fastcall SendMessage(const System::UnicodeString Id, System::Json::TJSONValue* const Msg, /* out */ System::Json::TJSONValue* &RespMsg, const unsigned Timeout = (unsigned)(0x0), const int ArgType = 0x1);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Datasnap.DSServer TDSCallbackTunnel


Invokes the callback channel and waits for response.

The SendMessage method invokes the callback channel and waits for response. SendMessage must be called with the Id, Msg, Timeout, and ArgType parameters and returns True if time-out does not occur, False otherwise.

Id is a string representing the identifier of the callback.

Msg is a TJSONValue containing the message to be sent.

Timeout represents the time-out interval in milliseconds. By default it is set as 0 milliseconds.

ArgType represents a JSON argument.

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