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function  AS_ApplyUpdates(const ProviderName: OleStr; Delta: OleVariant;  MaxErrors: Integer; out ErrorCount: Integer; var OwnerData: OleVariant): OleVariant; safecall;


virtual HRESULT __safecall AS_ApplyUpdates(const System::WideString ProviderName, System::OleVariant Delta, int MaxErrors, /* out */ int &ErrorCount, System::OleVariant &OwnerData, System::OleVariant &__AS_ApplyUpdates_result) = 0 ;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Datasnap.Midas IAppServer


Applies updates received from a client dataset using a specified provider.

AS_ApplyUpdates writes client updates to a dataset or database server.

ProviderName specifies the name of the provider component that manages the update operation.

Delta is a Variant containing the updated, inserted, and deleted records to write to the database.

MaxErrors indicates the maximum number of errors to permit before stopping the update operation.

ErrorCount returns the actual number of errors encountered during the update operation.

OwnerData is information supplied by the client application in a BeforeApplyUpdates event handler and returned to the client application in an AfterApplyUpdates event handler.

AS_ApplyUpdates (Delphi) or AS_ApplyUpdates _result parameter (C++) returns a Variant that is a data packet containing all records that could not be applied to the database.

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