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TCustomViewAction = class(TCustomAction)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TCustomViewAction : public TCustomAction


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.ActnList FMX.ActnList


A base class for actions that show a specified component when executed.

Descendants of TCustomViewAction can be associated with a component that is made visible when the action executes.

TCustomViewAction extends TCustomAction declaring the component that the action shows when it executes.

TObjectViewAction extends the TCustomViewAction class that defines the FmxObject property and keeps the component value that should be the TFmxObject type object in this case.

Descendants of TObjectViewAction are associated with the TFmxObject type component that is made visible when the action executes.
TVirtualKeyboard and TViewAction are standard actions that descend from TObjectViewAction.

Contrary to ordinary actions (like TAction, TControlAction, TCustomValueRangeAction, and so on) TCustomViewAction (and its descendants) does not distribute changes in values of Caption, Enabled, Checked, GroupIndex, ShortCut, Visible, and OnExecute properties to the respective properties of clients linked with action links.

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