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Defines classes of FMX.Controls.TStyledControl for user interface controls.

Package fmx270.bpl


FMX.ControlsDefines classes of FMX.Controls.TStyledControl for user interface controls.
FMX.Controls.ModelContains the TDataModel base class of data models for presented controls. TDataModel can define a Receiver and send messages, when its data is changed, to update values shown in the associated presented control.
FMX.Controls.PresentationContains the base classes for presented controls that support control--model--presenter architecture.


EInvalidSceneUpdatingPairCallException raised when the process for Disabling Updating and Enabling Upating is not correct.
IDesignerControlIDesignerControl is the interface implemented by controls that are part of the Form Designer.
IHintReceiverControls that can respond to hint-related events must implement this interface.
IHintRegistryA class needs to implement this interface in order to be able to register IHintReceiver instances.
IInflatableContentIInflatableContent is the interface for components whose items are inflatable.
IListBoxHeaderTraitIListBoxHeaderTrait is the interface that defines items that can be used in list box header.
ISceneIScene is the interface that defines a scene of an object.
ISearchResponderISearchResponder is the interface for controls that change their state when search is performed on their items.
IStyleBookOwnerIStyleBookOwner is the interface for controls that can own style book components.
TBeforeStyleChangingMessageMessage that informs about an upcoming style change.
TCaretRepresents the flashing rectangle that appears in controls accepting the keyboard input.
TContentExtends the TControl class by declaring the presentation properties of the control as published.
TContentInflaterTContentInflater is the class that handles inflating the content of a control.
TControlTControl is the base class for FMX on-screen components.
TControlActionRepresents an action that can be associated with some of the controls.
TControlActionLinkLinks an action to a client (generic control).
TControlTypeHelperHelper for TControlType.
TCustomControlActionTCustomControlAction is the base class for the actions that can be associated with some of the controls.
THintThe base class for an object that can manage a hint.
TOrientationHelperFor internal use. TOrientationHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Controls.TOrientation type.
TPaintStageHelperFor internal use. TPaintStageHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Controls.TPaintStage type.
TPathAnimationUsed for moving a visual object on a specified path.
TPlacementHelperFor internal use. TPlacementHelper is a record helper that provides fields for a scoped enumeration, the FMX.Controls.TPlacement type.
TPopupTPopup provides a pop-up window.
TStyleBookTStyleBook stores a collection of styles for a form.
TStyleChangedMessageMessage sent after a style change.
TStyleCollection Collection of items that store styles for different platforms.
TStyleCollectionItemRepresents an item in an instance of TStyleCollection that holds a style for a platform.
TStyleContainerRepresents the container for a style.
TStyledControlTStyledControl is the base class for customizable and user-interaction controls.
TTextControlBase class for all text controls such as TDateEdit.
TTextSettingsInfoThis class is used by all text controls (such as TDateEdit) and presented text controls (such as TLabel) as the core engine for managing styled text representation properties.


CanClosePopupReturns whether the popup given as parameter can be closed.
CloseAllPopupsCloses all the opened popups.
FreeControlsFrees all the popups on the form.
IsPopupReturns whether the given parameter is a popup.


TControlListRepresents a list of TControl objects.
TControlTypeThe type of a presentation control that a presented control renders, either Styled or Platform.
TEnumControlsResultType that defines a behavior of a depth-first tree search algorithm after it visits a node of the tree.
TOnPaintEventProcedural type that is used for all OnPaint and OnPainting event types.
TOrientationDefines the control orientation.
TPlacementTPlacement defines how a pop-up component is positioned relative to some point.
TStyleBookDesignInfoRecord type that contains design-time information for the Form Designer.