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property OnChangeTracking: TNotifyEvent read GetOnChangeTracking write SetOnChangeTracking;


__property OnChangeTracking;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
FMX.Edit TEdit


Occurs when typing individual characters into the edit control.

FMX.Edit.TEdit.OnChangeTracking inherits from FMX.Edit.TCustomEdit.OnChangeTracking. All content below this line refers to FMX.Edit.TCustomEdit.OnChangeTracking.

Occurs when typing individual characters into the edit control.

Write an OnChangeTracking event handler to take specific action whenever you set the text for the edit control or type individual characters in it. The Text property of the edit control will already have been updated to reflect any changes. This event provides the first opportunity to respond to modifications the user brought to the text of the edit control.

Tip: There is also an OnChange event that does not occur after individual characters have been typed, but only after the user presses the ENTER key or the focus leaves the control. For responding to individual character changes, use only the OnChangeTracking event.

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