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TLine = class(TShape)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TLine : public TShape


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Objects FMX.Objects


TLine defines 2D lines. It inherits TControl and can be used in styles to construct controls.

The end points of the line to draw are defined by the following properties of the TLine object:

  • The shape rectangle and the LineType define the straight-line segment to draw:
    • LineType defines the orientation of the line segment.
    • The intersection points of this line segment with the local rectangle define the end points of the straight-line segment.
  • RotationCenter defines the rotation axis and RotationAngle defines the rotation angle on which the straight-line segment is rotated to obtain the line to draw.
Note: Scaling not only scales the line length proportionally to scaling the factors. It also changes the thickness of the stroke that draws the line. That change is proportional to the scaling factor for each axis.

The parent TControl draws TLine with the Paint method.

To draw TLine, the Paint method uses the drawing pen with the Stroke property defined for the TLine object.

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