FMX.Printer.TPrinter Properties

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AbortedpublicDetermines whether the user aborted the print job.
ActivePrinterpublicSpecifies the printer that is currently active.
CanvaspublicRepresents the surface of the currently printing page.
CapabilitiespublicIndicates whether the printer supports certain parameters.
CopiespublicSpecifies the number of copies to print.
CountpublicSpecifies the number of available printers in the system.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
FontspublicLists the fonts supported by the current printer.
OrientationpublicDetermines whether the print job prints vertically or horizontally on a page.
PageHeightpublicIndicates the height (in pixels) of the currently printing page.
PageNumberpublicIndicates the number of the page currently printing.
PageWidthpublicIndicates the value of the width (in pixels) of the currently printing page.
PrinterspublicLists all the available printers.
PrintingpublicIndicates whether a print job is printing.
TitlepublicDetermines the text that is listed in the printing manager provided by the operating system, and on network header pages.