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property IndexDefs: TIndexDefs read GetIndexDefs write SetIndexDefs stored FStoreDefs;


__property IndexDefs;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
SimpleDS TSimpleDataSet


Contains information about the indexes for a client dataset.

SimpleDS.TSimpleDataSet.IndexDefs inherits from Datasnap.DBClient.TCustomClientDataSet.IndexDefs. All content below this line refers to Datasnap.DBClient.TCustomClientDataSet.IndexDefs.

Contains information about the indexes for a client dataset.

Examine IndexDefs for index information. IndexDefs maintains an array of TIndexDef items, each of which describes an available index for the dataset. Set the value of IndexDefs before calling CreateDataSet to create a set of indexes with the client dataset.

Note: The index items in IndexDefs may not always reflect the current indexes available for a dataset. Before examining IndexDefs, call the IndexDefs.Update (Delphi) or IndexDefs->Update (C++) method to refresh the item list.

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