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property IndexFieldNames: string read GetIndexFieldNames write SetIndexFieldNames default 0;


__property IndexFieldNames = {default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
SimpleDS TSimpleDataSet


Lists the fields to use as an index.

SimpleDS.TSimpleDataSet.IndexFieldNames inherits from Datasnap.DBClient.TCustomClientDataSet.IndexFieldNames. All content below this line refers to Datasnap.DBClient.TCustomClientDataSet.IndexFieldNames.

Lists the fields to use as an index.

Use IndexFieldNames as an alternative method of specifying the index to use for a client dataset. Specify the name of each field on which to index the dataset, separating names with semicolons. Ordering of field names is significant.

Indexes added using IndexFieldNames do not support grouping or maintained aggregates.

Tip: Use IndexFieldNames to create sort orders on the fly at run time.

Note: The IndexFieldNames and IndexName properties are mutually exclusive. Setting one clears the other.

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