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TSOAPDomConv = class(TSOAPDOMProcessor, IObjConverter)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TSOAPDomConv : public Soap::Soapdomconv::TSOAPDOMProcessor


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Soap.OPToSOAPDomConv Soap.OPToSOAPDomConv


TSOAPDomConv is the base class for components that use a DOM to interpret and create SOAP method calls.

TSOAPDomConv is the base class for DOM-based components that interpret and create SOAP method calls. It handles the logic of converting between the SOAP representation of a type and its native representation. TSOAPDomConv uses the remotable type registry (RemTypeRegistry) to look up the native type or class that corresponds to a type from a SOAP method call and to generate an instance of that type to represent an incoming value. It uses runtime type information (RTTI) to convert a native type or remotable class to its SOAP representation.

TSOAPDomConv implements the IObjConverter interface.

Do not create instances of TSOAPDomConv. It is intended only as a base class for components that interpret or create SOAP method calls.

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