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function IsHintLinked: Boolean; virtual;


virtual bool __fastcall IsHintLinked();


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected
System.Actions TContainedActionLink


Retrieves whether the Hint property for the action and for the client of the action link are linked.

TContainedActionLink descendants call IsHintLinked to determine whether they need to propagate the action's Hint property to the corresponding Hint property of the client object:

  • When IsHintLinked returns True, the action controls the Hint property; changes made to the action's Hint property are reflected by changes to the corresponding property of the client object.
  • When IsHintLinked returns False, the client object is not influenced by the Hint property of its action, either because it does not have a corresponding property, or, more commonly, because it manages the value of its corresponding property independently.

As implemented in TContainedActionLink, IsHintLinked merely checks that the Action property specifies a descendant of TContainedAction (that is, it is an action that has a Hint property), and if so, returns True.

Descendant classes can override IsHintLinked to determine whether the Hint property is linked with the appropriate client property. If a client linked by a descendant class object does not support the Hint property, then IsHintLinked always returns False.

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