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function AtomicDecrement(var Target; [Decrement]): Integer; overload;
function AtomicDecrement(var Target; [Decrement]): Int64; overload;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public System.pas System System


Atomic intrinsic Decrement function for use with Delphi mobile compilers. Decrements the specified number (Target) by the specified number (Decrement) or 1 if the Decrement parameter is not specified. Returns the new value of Target.

Because the Delphi mobile compilers do not support a built-in assembler, the System unit provides four atomic intrinsic functions that provide a way to atomically exchange, compare and exchange, increment, and decrement memory values.

AtomicDecrement is used for decrementing memory values.

Atomic operations are used to:

  • Implement multi-threaded locking primitives
  • Provide the primitives necessary for implementing so-called "lock-free" structures

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