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property ForceRefreshCachedDevices: Boolean read FForceRefreshCachedDevices write FForceRefreshCachedDevices;


__property bool ForceRefreshCachedDevices = {read=FForceRefreshCachedDevices, write=FForceRefreshCachedDevices, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
System.Bluetooth TBluetoothLEManager


Indicates whether the discovery of services of a remote device always retrieves the list of available services directly from the remote devices (True) or allows the run-time platform to return a cached list of services (False).

Platform Support

This property only affects Android.

When you discover a remote device for the first time, Android caches its services. On later discoveries, Android returns the cached list of services instead of requesting a new list of services from the remote device.

This is fine when your application reads services from a device that always provides the same services. However, if you are developing a GATT server and you are changing its services, you may want to change the value of ForceRefreshCachedDevices to True during development.

Other platforms do not cache the list of services of remote devices.

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