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function ForEach(AProc: TBucketProc; AInfo: Pointer = nil): Boolean; overload;
function ForEach(AEvent: TBucketEvent): Boolean; overload;


bool __fastcall ForEach(TBucketProc AProc, void * AInfo = (void *)(0x0))/* overload */;
bool __fastcall ForEach(TBucketEvent AEvent)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.Contnrs TCustomBucketList


Executes a callback for every item in the bucket list.

Call ForEach to execute the procedure specified by AProc for each item in the bucket list. ForEach iterates through all the items in the bucket list, passing in each item and its associated data to the specified callback.

AProc is the callback to execute.

AInfo has no predefined meaning. It is passed to the AInfo parameter of the callback.

ForEach returns true if it executes the callback for every item in the bucket list. It returns false if the callback set AContinue to false for some item, causing any subsequent items to be skipped.