System.JSON.Readers.TJsonReader Properties

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CloseInputpublicGets or sets a boolean value to indicate whether the underlying stream or TTextReader should be closed when the reader is closed.
CurrentStatepublicState of the reader.
DateTimeZoneHandlingpublicIndicates how TDateTime values are serialized when reading JSON.
DepthpublicGets the depth of the current token in the JSON document.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
FormatSettingspublicGets or sets local information used by the string formatting routine.
LineNumberpublicIndicates the current line number.
LinePositionpublicIndicates the current line position.
MaxDepthpublicGets or sets the maximum Depth of nested level allowed when reading JSON.
QuoteCharpublicGets or sets which character to use to quote string values.
SupportMultipleContentpublicGets or sets a value indicating whether multiple pieces of JSON content can be read from a continuous stream without erroring.
TokenTypepublicType of the JSON token where the reader is.
ValuepublicValue of the JSON token where the reader is.