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function Compare(const Left, Right: TCredential): Integer; override;


virtual int __fastcall Compare(const TCredentialsStorage::TCredential &Left, const TCredentialsStorage::TCredential &Right);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.Net.URLClient TCredentialComparer


Compare is a generic method used to compare two values.

System.Net.URLClient.TCredentialsStorage.TCredentialComparer.Compare inherits from System.Generics.Defaults.TComparer.Compare. All content below this line refers to System.Generics.Defaults.TComparer.Compare.

Compare is a generic method used to compare two values.

Use the Compare method to compare two values of the same type. Any class that descends from TComparer is expected to implement the Compare method.

The return value of Compare must be in the following ranges.

Return value Description

Result is less than zero (<0)

Left is less than Right.

Result is equal to zero (=0)

Left is equal to Right.

Result is greater than zero (>0)

Left is greater than Right.

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