System.Net.URLClient.TURI Methods

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AddParameterpublicAdds a parameter to the array of TURI parameters.
ComposeURIpublicComposes a TURI from the string parts.
CreatepublicCreates an instance of TURI from the provided URI String.
DeleteParameterpublicDeletes a parameter from the array of TURI parameters.
FixupForRESTpublicFixes the given URL.
IDNAToUnicodepublicConverts an ASCII hostname into a Unicode hostname.
PathRelativeToAbspublicTakes a relative path RelPath and returns a corresponding absolute path.
ToStringpublicGenerates a string from the TURI parts.
UnicodeToIDNApublicConverts a Unicode hostname into an ASCII hostname.
URLDecode (deprecated)publicPerforms an URL percent decoding.
URLEncode (deprecated)publicPerforms an URL percent encoding.