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function DoExecute(const ARequestMethod: string; const AURI: TURI;  const ASourceStream, AContentStream: TStream; const AHeaders: TNetHeaders): IURLResponse; virtual;


virtual _di_IURLResponse __fastcall DoExecute(const System::UnicodeString ARequestMethod, const TURI &AURI, System::Classes::TStream* const ASourceStream, System::Classes::TStream* const AContentStream, const System::DynamicArray<TNameValuePair> AHeaders);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected
System.Net.URLClient TURLClient


Note: Subclasses of TURLClient must provide their own implementation of DoExecute, which should work as described below. When you call TURLClient.DoExecute, it raises an ENetURIClientException exception.

Executes the specified request and returns the response.

The DoExecute protected method executes the specified request and returns the response. The specific TURLClient must override the method.

Input arguments for the request are:

ARequestMethod Request method used.
AURI URI string that contains the information for the request.
ASourceStream Stream to provide the request data.
AContentStream Stream to store the response data.
AHeaders Additional headers to be passed to the request.

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