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class function Create(const Data; BigEndian: Boolean = False): TGUID; overload; static;
class function Create(const Data: array of Byte; AStartIndex: Cardinal; BigEndian: Boolean = False): TGUID; overload; static;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public System.pas System TGUID


Creates an instance of TGUID from the byte data that you provide.

The function accepts the following parameters:

  • Data: Byte data or an array of bytes.
  • AStartIndex: Optional. You only need to provide it if you provided Data as an array of bytes. The function checks if the data you provided has at least 16 bytes from the index you provided. If it does not, the function returns an empty TGUID.
  • BigEndian: Boolean that indicates whether the Data that you provided is in the Big endian format. Default is False.

The provided data is saved into the corresponding properties:

If BigEndian is True, Create converts the specified data accordingly and then it saves the converted data into the properties listed above.

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