System.Variant.operator ()

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__fastcall operator bool()            const;
__fastcall operator char()            const;
__fastcall operator signed char()     const;
__fastcall operator unsigned char()   const;
__fastcall operator short()           const;
__fastcall operator unsigned short()  const;
__fastcall operator int()             const;
__fastcall operator unsigned int()    const;
__fastcall operator long()            const;
__fastcall operator unsigned long()   const;
__fastcall operator float()           const;
__fastcall operator double()          const;
__fastcall operator __int64()         const;
__fastcall operator unsigned __int64()const;
__fastcall operator AnsiString()      const;
__fastcall operator Currency()        const;
__fastcall operator TDateTime()       const;
__fastcall operator WideString()      const;
__fastcall operator UnicodeString()   const;
__fastcall operator CURRENCY()        const;
__fastcall operator DECIMAL()         const;
__fastcall operator VARIANT();
__fastcall operator TVariant();
__fastcall operator wchar_t*()        const;
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator IDispatch*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator IUnknown*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator IInterface*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator signed char*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator unsigned char*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator short*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator unsigned short*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator int*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator unsigned int*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator long*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator unsigned long*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator float*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator double*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator __int64*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator unsigned __int64*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator VARIANT*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator LPSAFEARRAY();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator TVariant*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator Currency*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator TDateTime*();
__EXPLICIT __fastcall operator wchar_t**();


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public sysvari.h System Variant


Converts the Variant.

This operator returns a type that is a conversion of this Variant. If the T* conversion is used, the operator sets the varByRef bit, meaning that the Variant contains a reference as opposed to a value.

If the conversion operation is not possible because of an invalid variant type conversion, an EVariantError exception is thrown.

Note: Do not call the implicit conversion operator directly. It is an overload of the compiler conversion operation.