System.Zip.TZipHeader Fields

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CompressedSizepublicRepresents the size of the compressed data.
CompressionMethodpublicIs the method used to compress the Central Directory.
CRC32publicRepresents the cyclic redundancy check (CRC) value for this file.
DiskNumberStartpublicDiskNumberStart is the number of the disk on which this file begins.
ExternalAttributespublicInternally used field that holds information about the external attributes of the file.
ExtraFieldpublicThis field is meant for expansion.
ExtraFieldLengthpublicRepresents the length of the extra field.
FileCommentpublicRepresents the comment for this file.
FileCommentLengthpublicRepresents the length of the file comment.
FileNamepublicIs the name of the file, with optional relative path.
FileNameLengthpublicRepresents the length of the file name.
FlagpublicFlag is a general purpose bit flag.
InternalAttributespublicInternally used field that specifies the type of the file.
LocalHeaderOffsetpublicThe offset from the start of the first disk, on which the file appears, to where the local header should be found.
MadeByVersionpublicIndicates the compatibility of the file attribute information.
ModifiedDateTimepublicRepresents the date and time at which compression was started for this file.
RequiredVersionpublicRepresents the minimum supported .zip specification version needed to extract the file.
UncompressedSizepublicSpecifies the size of the uncompressed data.