Vcl.ComCtrls.TCoolBand Properties

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BitmappublishedSpecifies the background image displayed on the band.
BorderStylepublishedSpecifies the border style for the band.
BreakpublishedCauses the band to start on a new line.
CollectionpublicSpecifies the TCollection instance to which the TCollectionItem belongs.
ColorpublishedSpecifies the color of the band.
ControlpublishedSpecifies the control that appears on the band.
DisplayNamepublicThe name displayed in the Collection editor.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
FixedBackgroundpublishedDetermines whether the background is realigned within the band.
FixedSizepublishedDetermines whether the band can be resized at runtime.
HeightpublicReturns the height of the cool band.
HorizontalOnlypublishedDetermines whether the band is displayed when the TCoolBar is arranged vertically.
IDpublicA unique, permanent index for the item.
ImageIndexpublishedDetermines the image that appears on the band.
IndexpublicReturns the item's position in the Items array of TCollection.
MinHeightpublishedDetermines the minimum height for the band.
MinWidthpublishedDetermines the minimum width for the band.
ParentBitmappublishedDetermines whether the band uses the Bitmap image of the TCoolBar that owns it.
ParentColorpublishedDetermines whether the band uses the color of the TCoolBar that owns it.
TextpublishedSpecifies the text string that appears on the band and identifies it in the bands editor.
VisiblepublishedDetermines whether the band appears at runtime.
WidthpublishedSpecifies the width of the band.