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function StringToCursor(const S: string): TCursor;


extern DELPHI_PACKAGE System::Uitypes::TCursor __fastcall StringToCursor(const System::UnicodeString S);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Vcl.Controls Vcl.Controls


Returns a TCursor value given its string representation.

Call StringToCursor to reverse the translation performed by CursorToString. This method is useful for converting the strings entered by the user into useable TCursor values.

The S parameter can be either the name of a built-in cursor constant such as "crHelp", or the string representation of a valid TCursor value such as "10". StringToCursor returns the TCursor value that corresponds to the S parameter.

Note: The value returned by StringToCursor is not guaranteed to be a valid cursor. If the Cursors property of the global Screen variable does not include a corresponding entry, the value returned by StringToCursor can not be used to set the Cursor property of a control.

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