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property Controls[Index: Integer]: TControl read GetControl;


__property TControl* Controls[int Index] = {read=GetControl};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.Controls TWinControl


Lists all child controls.

Controls is an array of all the child controls. These are all controls that list this control as their Parent property. The Controls property is convenient for referring to the children of a control by number rather than name. For example, Controls may be used to iterate over all the child controls.

Don't confuse the Controls property with the Components property. The Controls property lists all the controls that are child windows of the control, while the Components property lists all components that it owns. The form owns all components put on it, and therefore, they appear in the form's Components property list, even when they are child windows of a control on the form.

Controls is a read-only property. To add or delete a child control, use the InsertControl or RemoveControl methods. To move a child control from one parent to another, set the Parent of the child control, as that will handle both the RemoveControl from the original parent and the InsertControl to the new parent.

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