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Package vcl270.bpl


EDirect2DExceptionRepresents a Direct2D exception.
TDirect2DBrushTDirect2DBrush represents the color and pattern used to fill solid shapes.
TDirect2DCanvasTDirect2DCanvas provides an abstract drawing space for objects that must render their own images.
TDirect2DFontTDirect2DFont encapsulates a system font.
TDirect2DGraphicsObjectTDirect2DGraphicsObject is the base class for objects that encapsulate a Direct2D graphics object.
TDirect2DPenTDirect2DPen is used to draw lines or outline shapes on a Direct2D canvas.


D2D1ColorFCreates a Direct2D-compatible color.
D2DFactoryD2DFactory is used internally.
DWriteFactoryDWriteFactory is used internally.