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property OnDownloadProgress: TDownloadProgressEvent read FOnDownloadProgress write FOnDownloadProgress;


__property TDownloadProgressEvent OnDownloadProgress = {read=FOnDownloadProgress, write=FOnDownloadProgress};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
Vcl.ExtActns TDownLoadURL


Occurs periodically while TDownLoadURL is downloading the specified resource and writing it to a file.

OnDownloadProgress occurs periodically while the contents of the specified URL are downloaded to a file.

Sender is the action that is copying the contents of an URL to a file.

Progress indicates the current progress of the download operation relative to the expected maximum indicated in the ProgressMax parameter.

ProgressMax indicates the expected maximum value of the Progress parameter. This value can change during the download operation as more information becomes available. A value of zero means that the maximum value is unknown.

StatusCode indicates the current stage of the download process or other information about the download process.

StatusText is a string that corresponds to StatusCode. It can be used for displaying the status of the download to users.

Cancel allows the event handler to cancel the download operation. On entry to the event handler, Cancel is false. If the event handler changes Cancel to true, the download operation is aborted.

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