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TControlBar = class(TCustomControlBar)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TControlBar : public TCustomControlBar


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Vcl.ExtCtrls Vcl.ExtCtrls


TControlBar manages the layout of toolbar components.

Use TControlBar as a docking site for toolbar components. Control bars contain child controls (usually TToolBar objects) that can be moved and resized independently. As with a cool bar, each child control resides on its own individual band that the user positions by dragging its sizing grip.

Tip: When docking TToolBar objects to a control bar, you may find it useful to use TToolDockObject.

Note: If you want to use TActionToolBar on a TControlBar component, you should set the AutoSize property to False. When the AutoSize property is set to True (default), the TActionToolBar control wraps its controls and expands itself in size, accordingly. This does not allow the TActionToolBar component to display properly on a TControlBar component. When the AutoSize property is set to False, the TActionToolBar hides items on the end of the bar and displays a dropdown button that provides access to those items. The control displays in the proper size.

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