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property MDIChildren[I: Integer]: TForm read get_MDIChildren;


__property TForm* MDIChildren[int I] = {read=get_MDIChildren};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Vcl.Forms TCustomForm


Provides indexed access to all MDI child forms.

Use MDIChildren to access a child form.

I is the index of the child form to access. The order of MDI children changes as different MDI forms are activated. Initially, forms are listed in creation order, with new forms being added to the end of the array. Whenever an MDI child is activated, however, it moves to the front of the list. Thus, use I to index over all forms in the array, but not to refer to a specific form.

MDIChildren is meaningful only if the form is an MDI frame (that is, if the form's FormStyle property is set to fsMDIForm).

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