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Defines the standard (predefined) controls that you can use in VCL applications. Commonly used classes in Vcl.StdCtrls are TButton, TCheckBox, TEdit, TLabel, and TScrollBar.

Package vcl270.bpl


TButtonTButton is a push button control.
TButtonActionLinkTButtonActionLink is an action link designed specifically for button control clients.
TButtonActionLinkClassTButtonActionLinkClass defines the metaclass for TButtonActionLink.
TButtonControlTButtonControl is the base class for objects that represent Windows button controls.
TCheckBoxTCheckBox represents a check box that can be on (checked) or off (unchecked).
TComboBoxTComboBox combines an edit box with a scrollable list.
TCustomButtonBase class for a push button control.
TCustomCheckBoxTCustomCheckBox is the ancestor of all check-box components.
TCustomComboTCustomCombo is the base class for all combo boxes.
TCustomComboBoxTCustomComboBox is the base class for combobox components.
TCustomComboBoxStringsTCustomComboBoxStrings represents the strings in the drop-down list of a combo box.
TCustomComboBoxStringsClassTCustomComboBoxStringsClass describes a descendant of TCustomComboBoxStrings.
TCustomEditTCustomEdit is the base class from which all edit-box and memo controls are derived.
TCustomGroupBoxTCustomGroupBox is the base class for all group-box components.
TCustomLabelTCustomLabel is the base class for non-windowed controls that display text on a form.
TCustomListBoxTCustomListBox is the base class for listbox objects that are wrappers for list box controls.
TCustomMemoTCustomMemo is the base type for memo components, which are multiline edit boxes, including TMemo and TDBMemo.
TCustomStaticTextTCustomStaticText is the base class for TStaticText.
TEditTEdit is a wrapper for a Windows single-line edit control.
TGroupBoxTGroupBox represents a Windows group box.
TImageMarginsMargins of image on button.
TLabelTLabel is a nonwindowed control that displays text on a form.
TListBoxTListBox displays a collection of items in a scrollable list.
TMemoTMemo is a wrapper for a Windows multiline edit control.
TPushButtonActionLinkTPushButtonActionLink is an action link designed specifically for button control clients.
TPushButtonActionLinkClassTPushButtonActionLinkClass defines the metaclass for TPushButtonActionLink.
TRadioButtonTRadioButton is a wrapper for a system radio button.
TScrollBarTScrollBar is a Windows scroll bar, which is used to scroll the contents of a window, form, or control.
TStaticTextTStaticText is a windowed control that displays text on a form.


TCheckBoxStateTCheckBoxState indicates the state of a check box control.
TComboBoxStyleTComboBoxStyle is the type for the Style property of combo box controls that are defined in the StdCtrls unit.
TDrawItemEventTDrawItemEvent is the type of the Vcl.StdCtrls.TCustomListBox.OnDrawItem, the Vcl.StdCtrls.TCustomComboBox.OnDrawItem and the Vcl.Outline.TCustomOutline.OnDrawItem event handlers.
TEditCharCaseTEditCharCase indicates how a control forces the case of characters, if at all.
TEllipsisPositionSpecifies how ellipsis is placed in text not fitting in allocated rectangle.
TFNDrawTextTFNDrawText represents the procedure type for the events that specify the details of the Text property of a control.
TImageAlignmentAlignment of image on TButton.
TLBFindDataEventTLBFindDataEvent is the type of the list box Vcl.StdCtrls.TCustomListBox.OnDataFind event handler.
TLBGetDataEventTLBGetDataEvent is the type of the list box Vcl.StdCtrls.TCustomListBox.OnData event handler.
TLBGetDataObjectEventTLBGetDataObjectEvent is the type of the list box Vcl.StdCtrls.TCustomListBox.OnDataObject event handler.
TListBoxStyleTListBoxStyle specifies the way a listbox control gets its data and how it is drawn.
TMeasureItemEventTMeasureItemEvent is the type for the Vcl.StdCtrls.TCustomListBox.OnMeasureItem and the Vcl.StdCtrls.TCustomComboBox.OnMeasureItem event handlers.
TOwnerDrawStateIndicates state information that can influence how an item is drawn.
TScrollCodeTScrollCode indicates what action the user performed on a scroll bar.
TScrollEventTScrollEvent is the type of an Vcl.StdCtrls.TScrollBar.OnScroll event handler.
TScrollStyleIdentifies a set of scrollbars by their orientation.
TSelectionTSelection definese the start and position of a selection.
TStaticBorderStyleTStaticBorderStyle determines the appearance of the border on a static text control.
TTextLayoutTTextLayout indicates where text appears within the client area of a control.