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property NSPrefixBase: DOMString read FNSPrefixBase write FNSPrefixBase;


__property System::UnicodeString NSPrefixBase = {read=FNSPrefixBase, write=FNSPrefixBase};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Xml.XMLDoc TXMLDocument


Specifies the base string for automatically-generated namespace prefixes.

The AddChild method for each node allows the caller to specify that the new node should use an automatically-generated namespace prefix. When this option is specified, the node uses NSPrefixBase to generate a unique string to act as a namespace prefix. This unique string consists of NSPrefixBase followed by a number that ensures uniqueness. Thus, for example, if NSPrefixBase is 'NS', automatically-generated namespace prefixes have the form 'NS1', 'NS2', and so on.

The generated namespace prefixes are only unique within a single document. If two document components have the same value for NSPrefixBase, they will generate the same namespace prefixes.

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