Add or Edit Module Load Breakpoint

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Go Up to Debug Windows Index

Go Up to Run Menu

Run > Add Breakpoint > Module Load Breakpoint

Adds a module load breakpoint, which halts program execution when the specified module is loaded.

You can also add or edit a module load breakpoint by right-clicking the Modules Window and selecting the Add Module or Edit Module context menu command, respectively.

This dialog box also adds the specified module to the Modules Window. Modules are automatically added to the Modules window when they are loaded into memory. However, if you want to halt execution for debugging when the module first loads into memory, you must add the module to the Modules window before the module loads.

Enter the module name (typically a DLL or package) in the edit box, or click the Browse button to open the Select Module dialog box.

Select Module is a standard File Open dialog box that allows you to choose the following types of modules:

  • Modules (*.dll, *.ocx, *.bpl, *.exe, *.dylib) {both Windows and Mac modules}
  • Windows Modules (*.dll, *.ocx, *.bpl, *.exe) {only Windows modules}
  • macOS Modules (*.dylib) {only Mac modules}
  • Any file *.*

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